Review On Breguet Classique 7800BB_11_9YV Replica Watch With Complicated Function

With the high-level watchmaking craftsmanship and magnetic material, this perfect fake Breguet Classique watch is just like the music box on the wrist. It not only helps the wearers track the time, but also allows them to enjoy the time elegantly.

The unique pattern on the dial presents the brand's high level of craftsmanship.
Black Leather Strap Breguet Fake

Basic Information

Diameter: 48 mm

Dial: silver dial

Case: white gold

Movement: self-winding mechanical

Strap: black leather



The Breguet copy with white gold case looks unique at first sight. The silver dial adorned with the elegant pattern looks eye-catching. The button on the top is to start the music box.

The Breguet is not only a timepiece, but also an art work.
48 MM Breguet Classique Imitation


The most distinctive feature of this knockoff watch with blue hands is to make the wristwatch be a music box that can play opera rossini overture “La gazza ladra”. In order to realize the extreme acoustic enjoyment, the watch brand equips a magnetic material on this timepiece. So this Breguet is not only a wristwatch, but also a art work.

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